Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer at the Center

Sunday August 9, 2009

Well, June and July have been busy pilgrim months! We have had four couples and six single pilgrims come since the May anniversary day. They have come from east and west as well as East and West! Jehangir Daver from Sydney, Australia and Bob Fredericks and his wife Toktam Mashad from India came followed by Mark Choi from LA (newly back from the Phillipines) and Don and Margaret Euker from New Jersey (Baba House in NYC).

The houses are both basking in the summer heat and the yards are growing like crazy even in July as we have had lots of rain to keep everything green. Unfortunately this means the grass is still needing to be cut ($) and vines and bushes are getting overgrown. Where the garden has been wonderful this year yielding many greens, roots and herbs it is now getting overgrown with squash vines and tomato bushes and heading toward the “dormant” hot month of August before time to plant the fall garden in late September.

Yeah, partial success!! The B house has two more of the four awnings up, thanks to Dan Sparks coming out from OKC yesterday (Saturday) to help Ron put them on the back of the house. That makes three and leaves only the hardest one, two stories up, to finish mounting. The one that went up last fall made it through the winter with only light hail dent damage, and it stayed up!

We had a great Baba meeting with the Euckers a week ago Friday, reading Mehera Meher, and then a fish barbeque with Lynn Wilhite, Dan and the Euckers yesterday. We had local ripe, ripe watermelon and watched “When Meher Grew Up” by Bob Fredericks and the Meher school on the tube.

The week before that, Mark Choi came roaring out from LA non-stop to light the Dhuni at the accident site. He was out at the site that Thursday afternoon with his little white car, doors thrown open, and a red carpet laid out in front of the Dhuni brazier ready to light it when the next door neighbor (who’s parents lived there at the time of the accident) came along mowing the grass. Mark reported that they talked and “she was cool” with his lighting the fire there. We came along later and it was quite nice to honor Baba with the Dhuni there. Does any one remember the Dhuni being lit at the site before?

Personally we have been busy also. Miriam has opened her clinic on Main St., Prague (eighteen people in her first weight management class!) and, in mid July, Ron just spent a week in Charlotte, NC with time for a side trip to the Meher Center. We are looking forward to our October trip to Meherabad, India when there will be temporary relief caretakers coming to be here at the Heartland Center.

Be well, and we will try and write more often,

Ron & Miriam at the Heartland Center

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