Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pix of May work retreat

Hey All!

Some of the photos from the May Board/Work retreat!!! It was a lot of work, but what a great time to be working together for Baba's cause! And the weather was great... and so was the food!

Jai Baba!
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  1. Oklahoma is my “second home” and I travel to Tahlequah, OK several times a year as part of my work as a student, mentor, and now advisor for the Sancta Sophia Seminary (referred to as a “Spiritual Academy”.) My trips to seminary include a visit to the Heartland Center. People often ask me what experience I have in Prague. My best explanation is that it is like the “Twightlight Zone.” It appears to be a small town in the middle of Oklahoma, but there is this palpable sense that something happened that has yet to completely unfold. My best description is feeling of vastness behind the veils that have been rent. Behind the remaining illusion is the powerful energy just waiting to be released. It is increasing, and in time when the human form can withstand the energy Baba wants humans to withstand, they will. The impact of his love will be felt by all.

    For now it is about getting some structures in place and to anchor the work. My sense is that it will take a several hundred years for the center to unfold in its full potential. Visiting Prague, Baba imparts His Light. Some years ago, I came across a page inn Kitty Davy’s book, Love Alone Prevails, on page 695, there is this information regarding Baba centers. Perhaps, this is a glimpse of what the Heartland Center is to be? The following is from that page:

    The Aspects of Meher Baba’s Centers

    “1) The Spiritual Academy: This academy will prepare men and women who will authoritatively ask the world to be selfless and God-loving. They will use intellectual understanding as their medium for secular, social and international harmony.
    “2) The House of Advanced Souls: This section will prepare real mystics of the practical type. These mystics will inspire others to live a life in which there will be complete detachment side by side with intense creative action. They will also help all to feel divinity in every phase of life.
    “3) The Abode of the Saints: This section will consist of Saints who will bestow true knowledge on souls who are ignorant. They will teach through the medium of experience that only the real existence is God and all else is illusion.
    “4) The Mad [Mast] Institute: This department will be devoted to the care of such God-intoxicated souls as have lost their balance while cavorting the inner planes. These souls will be given a further spiritual push or brought back to normality according to the requirements of the Universal Plan behind the working of the Universal Ashram.
    “5) The Solitary Quarters of Meditation: Provision shall be made for those who will most benefit through meditation with suitable quarters and such instruction as are necessary in particular cases.
    “6) The Resting Place for the Afflicted: This section will devote attention to the removal of suffering and ailment in all its forms. It is meant to be the training ground for a group of selfless workers who will learn how to render real and effective service. The experience gathered through this department will be capable of universal application.”

    Jai Baba,
    Marilyn Buehler