Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Newsletter is out!

Hi Everybody!

The new newsletter is out! And it's in color! And it was a lot of fun to put together. We've been getting nice reviews... Here's one from our latest pilgrim, Elizabeth Heaney of Tucson, AZ:

"I wanted to be sure to let you know I got the newsletter in the onslaught of mail I picked up yesterday. Fantastic!! It is really, really well done. Clear that someone (or many of you) put a lot of work into it – and I very much enjoyed sitting down and slowly reading my way through it. You know, I sometimes expect a newsletter from a group to look like a little badly-xeroxed, stapled mess of a thing. So, to see the quality in this one was both surprising and assuring – you guys must have made Baba proud with this one! Congrats on that."

Barbara Roberts in Colorado says “A beautiful, breathtaking, tears of joy inspiring newsletter!”

So. Drop us a line if you want to receive one - or if you thought you were on our mailing list but haven't gotten yours yet. Or any variation on that theme!

Love and Jai Meher Baba!

: ) angela

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Welcome to our Heartland Center Journal!

From time to time it would be nice to share with the world the experience of having a Center in Prague, Oklahoma! Check in here to read anectdotes and reactions from the Caretaker, pilgrims coming through, and Board members...

See you in cyberspace!

Love from all of us at the Heartland Center!