Thursday, August 27, 2009

The HeartBeat newsletter is in the mail!

Hurray for Angela and her helpers all!! The Avatar Meher Baba Heartland Center HeartBeat newsletter is in the mail! Printed (yes, printed on real paper) once a year, the HeartBeat is a beautiful color collection of stories and news from the past year. See what has been happening with the new Mo House, pictures from the May Accident Day Tea and everything Baba here in Prague (except for Jeanie's recipe for cherry pie!)

If you received a copy that means you are on our snail mailing list and if you didn't get one let us know and we will put one in the mail to you. The AMBHC Prague email address still is: and our phone number is 405-567-4774; snail mail is 7804 NBU, Prague, OK 74864. If you would like extras copies for your group we can do that also.

We would love to hear from you or your comments to the blog.

In Baba's Love,


PS Photo of Baba's Photo in His hospital room.

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