Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kirkpatricks did the Trail

Jai Baba Everyone!
Want to see some great photos of the Heartland Center, Hospital and site go to the Kirkpatrick's blog.

Jim and Bridgitte visited on their way through at the beginning of the month. They were driving the Trail back from MB to Walnut Creek, both of them photographers and taking lots of shots.

Miriam and I really enjoyed their visit as with Peter and Mary Brooks who also came through driving over from Little Rock after a family reunion. Both couples are west coast sufis and shared their love of Baba and art with us. Mary and Peter "performed" singing and speaking along with a video of 1956 footage of Baba in the states; a very sweet devotional time. We had our little Prague Baba group over for the "show".

Hope all are having a wonderful day!

In Baba's Sweet Love,


Michael adds:
I sent a correction to Jim about one of the details in one of their photo captions – it said that it was 400 miles from Altus, AR to the accident site (Baba’s last day of driving before the accident). It’s actually almost exactly 200 miles between those points.

Jim Kirkpatrick adds:
We had a blast doing the trip and we're going to put it all in a book, eventually. I put an album of all the shots we thought usable up here:

In His Infinite Mirth, Jim

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