Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Is this Oklahoma !??

We woke up to 75 degrees and gentle rain, I thought I had been transported back to Oregon! Baba has been giving us pleasant days with thunder storms to cool things off. In the past few weeks things around the Heartland Center have been more relaxed then the busy days of June and July. Buzz and Ginger stopped by for lunch on the way across the country and we are getting ready for our get-away to Baba's home in India coming up in October. Also, caretaker things have been getting done (slowly in a Prague kind of way!) We now have most of the new awnings up on the Burleson House, the softwater heater is working again (thanks, John!) and some of the siding was replaced that blew off in the frequent high winds.

Notice that the grass is green! All the rain has keep things green into the middle of August. The grass is still needing mowing and seems to be growing all night long as well. If you have time and want to stop by and help with gardening, the peripheral bushes, trees and flower beds are growing and growing, AAAAAh! There is always small inside jobs to be tackled also. For example, the old place has wood window sills and years of rain damage have left its toll. Most things are in great shape however.

Miriam and I are happy to be here, by Baba's Grace!

In His Love and Blessings,

Ron Lansing, Co-caretaker

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