Friday, September 4, 2009

New Life Work Week Planned for October

Jai Baba, one and all,

The whole Baba world is rocked by the shocking news of dear Meherabad residents, Heather and Eric Nadel, and the attack they suffered. Baba is helping every step of the way with their care and recoveries. Baba did not spare Himself or His beloved Mehera, and other close ones in the accident of 1952, and later in Satara. He alone knows what work is done thru suffering. We know He is the preserver and protector of all....and He alone does His work. He alone understands His work. We hold to His damaan.

By now you all should have received the HeartBeat, our annual newsletter. Thanks to all who contributed to the publication. Baba's love pours thru it. You may have read about the May work week and what was accomplished. It was amazing. There's more to be done!

I'm writing to announce that the Heartland Center is planning a work week sometime around New Life week. The dates aren't firmly set yet. Could be from Oct 7- Oct 17 or so. We are interested in knowing if there are 3-5 skilled, or semi-skilled buidling trade type workers with good stamina to work some long days helping with ongoing basic infrastructure repairs and updates at the Morrison and Burleson Houses of the Heartland Center. We'd like it if you could commit for the whole week, but if not, how about at least a full 3-4 day stretch. You would need to make your own arrangement regarding transportation, etc. It's a close drive if you live in Texas or Arkansas or even Illinois! Some airfares are very reasonable this time of year. Flying into OKC, there is a Baba lover who offers a shuttle service to Prague.

Please email for more information or call Peter Nordeen directly with questions about the nature of the work, etc. His number is 828-274-0307.

Thanks so much,
In Beloved Baba's plan for us all....Debbie Nordeen, for the board

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