Saturday, September 26, 2009

Off to India! Heartland Center in Capable Hands.

We (Ron and Miriam, co-caretakers) are off to India this next week for the month of October. We are leaving behind caretaker Elizabeth for the first two weeks and Hettie for the last half of the month. They will have the experience of soaking up the radiant feeling that Meher Baba left behind here in Prague in His hospital room and the stunning feeling at His accident site. There will also be some "fix-up" work going on across the yard at the M house while we are gone and the on-going care of the Heartland Center.

This year we have had so much rain and cooler weather in late August and through September that everything has grown wild! The grass on this now almost a 1/3 acre site seems to need constantly cutting. The yard shrubs are becoming tree and the Oklahoma strangle vines are trying to.... strangle them. It is the perfect time to visit however, now the rains are over, as the days are pleasantly warm and sunny with beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

So this weekend is really busy, just before we go, with pilgrims coming to stay over Saturday night, Elizabeth arriving on Sunday and our packing for the trip (oh, and I must mow the back yard one more time!)

Sweet Baba wishes to y'all!


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