Friday, October 2, 2009

Interim Caretaker Elizabeth's notes

I've been here in Prague for several days now, interim caretaking while Ron and Miriam have headed off to India. It's really been a remarkable experience - I find the peacefulness here at the Heartland Center reminiscent of the quietude of Meher Center; and the holiness very reminiscent of India. The house is lovely and serene, surrounded by huge trees and little flower beds and green lawns. The town is gentle and the people here seem so warm, so embracing.

I was warmly welcomed at a church pot luck last weekend that I went to with Ron and Miriam, and this weekend I'll get a chance to attend the local high school football game. I've walked all over town, and enjoyed the vast skies over central Oklahoma. One day, I found myself thinking: "Meher Center is near the ocean, but this place has oceans of sky." I could spend endless hours watching the billowing clouds scudding along up there. I was adopted for a couple of days by a sweet stray dog that was ecstatically happy to trot along next to me while I wandered around Prague - tail wagging, glancing up at me every few feet, full of joy. (The last time I saw her, she was trotting after a young boy who gave her some great pets in the park - maybe she found her human ...)

I have relished some long moments at the accident site, too. Yesterday, I went there and spent time sitting where Beloved Baba's body lay when thrown from the car. I noticed the sun getting hot on the back of my neck, and looked around for shade. Directly across the road, I climbed up an embankment and sat in a small circle of trees - hidden from the view of passing cars, but able to gaze down on His site for as long as my heart wanted.
Oh, I hope folks feel drawn to make a pilgrimage to the Heartland Center. Baba has blessed this place such a great deal of His Grace and Presence.

Jai Baba ...

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  1. hi elizabeth--so glad to hear you are enjoying a respite from the vagaries of "normal" life in Baba's
    heartland. i am in miami where i've now been for over a week. am still hoping to make it to the Center when all is stable here. just wanted to let you know someone, me, read your blog and appreciate it :-) be well in His
    Love, vicki