Thursday, August 21, 2008

Greetings from the Heartland Center!

This week we received a very sweet package of Baba stuff being donated to the Center Library. This box came from a Baba Lover in Massachusetts. The box was very lovingly secured with twine from India and each and every item had a note attached describing the book or pamphlet. One of the nice things was a bunch of Baba photo cards that had been laminated that we can give to people that come to the Center. Baba’s rich bounty of Love coming to His Center in paper form!

The plants and garden are recuperating from the heat we had early in the month. Plants that I thought were not going to make it are showing signs of new life. We even have so plants flowering again! The broccoli plants that I planted in early July are growing better and the every present Oklahoma grass is green and perking up and spreading from every crack and crevice of the driveway.

We are ready for more visitors. During the hot spell (and maybe the fuel price “crisis”) we have not had any new pilgrims come to stay. If you would like to venture into the center of the country and experience this wonderful Baba spot, please give us a call and plan a trip. We look forward to meeting more and more people who are attracted to Baba’s Love.

Jai Baba to you all,
Ron & Miriam,
Heartland Center Caretakers

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