Sunday, August 3, 2008

Baba Turns Up the Heat!!

Hello from the Heartland Center!

Miriam Rose and I (Ron Lansing) have taken over caretaker duties here at AMBHC as of last month. We like the vibe that Meher Baba left behind in 1952 and the slow pace of life in Prague, OK? Yes it is OK!

Now that it is August and the temperature is hitting triple digits for the third day in a row we ex-Oregonians are either melting outside or trapped indoors. What to do? We have been going through the library cataloguing the many wonderful books that people have donated by and about Avatar Meher Baba. One real spectacular find was "Tales of the New Life" signed by Eruch, Mani, Mehera and Meheru! When she was here last month Marie Concannon (Librarian Extraordinaire) suggested the we catalogue the items in the library and decide which ones can be loaned. We persuaded her to become a member of the Library committee! We are running out of shelf space in the Library room and are trying to get the duplicates stored and another book shelf in place. (Please don't take this as a "don't send any more" message!)

Also new as of last month, Meher Baba meetings are being held in the Library each week (we have just shifted to Friday nights). So if you are planning a visit we would love to include you in the meetings. We have had up to five people, care to make it six? Lynn Wilhite, Miriam and I are being joined by a local woman, Jean and her husband Randy who live north of Prague on property next to the Sac and Fox Nation. (Jean and Randy have a meteorite hit on their land and Randy says that the ancestors of the Sac and Fox come there.) In the meetings we are reading the Discourses and talking about living in Baba's Love .

Oh, hey, the really big thing is the Morrison House next door is now part of the Center property! Yesterday we braved the heat going over to the house to test the AC and change the locks, etc. Lynn donated two beautifully framed photographs of Meher Baba and we put them up in the Living Room and over the Study fireplace to dedicate the place to Baba. The house is old and hasn't been occupied for a few months so it is stale. The upstairs has hideous blue shag carpet and water damaged wall paper. The kitchen is all built-in Fifties stuff with a stainless steel counter next to the sink. The wide open LR, FR and Study on the main floor all have nice wood trim and built-ins with a serviceable beige carpet. This lower floor is big and open just begging for a group to gather!

Hope that this note finds you all well!

In His Love,

Ron Lansing


  1. Jai Baba, jai Baba, jai Baba, jai Baba, jai Baba, jai Baba, jai Baba, jai Baba, jai Baba, jai Baba, jai Baba, jai Baba, jai Baba, jai Baba, jai Baba, jai Baba!
    Avatar Meher Baba ki jai!!!

    That's about it.
    Love in Him,
    Keren O'Brownsville, OR

  2. Hi Keren,

    Sounds like Baba moved you!
    Hope to see you and Allen out in O'klahoma some time.

    Hope that Baba is warming up your Oregon summer,

    Ron (co-caretaker)