Saturday, August 9, 2008

Baba’s Accident Site in August

Saturday morning our local Baba posse (Jean, Lynn, Miriam and Ron) made a trip into town to the Shawnee Farmer’s market. Lots of tomatoes, cantaloupe and okra plus “homemade” fried pies, cinnamon rolls and other Oklahoma delicacies were for sale. We all had a good time and as we headed back to Prague we stopped at the ubiquitous Wally’s (WalMart) and found some beautiful pink roses to take to Baba’s accident site.

For those of you who have been to the site, you know that it is 3 miles east of Meeker next to two-laned US 62 on the way to Prague. This time of year, particularly after the last weeks triple digit temperatures, the grass along the road’s shoulder is dying back to brown. For a country highway which parallels the Interstate to the south, there is a surprising amount of traffic speeding by the site where Meher Baba lay bleeding in the grass in 1952.

As we pulled over and walked up to the little culvert and driveway pipe next to the site, we see that the yellow daisies from a week ago are still hanging onto their color. These valiant flowers are still marking the spot even after the intensity of the days. Lynn Wilhite, who has attended the site for so many years, lovingly cuts and arranges the roses in a vase and all four of us stand, bow, pray and take in Baba’s presence in the mid day heat.

Baba’s site never fails to move me.

In His Love,


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  2. 9/16/08

    I am making a trek across the country in the next few days and will be driving across Oklahoma late in the week and was wondering how hard it is to find the accident site. I am coming from Myrtle Beach and would like to make that the highlight of my trip. If you could email me anything I need to know it would be great. Maybe there is someone who can meet me and take me there?

    Matthew Lane


  3. Matthew,
    We would love to show you where the accident site is located.
    You can call us at 405-567-4774.

    Ron & Miriam