Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gustav Blows through Prague and so do Baba's Pilgrims

Hi again, sorry for the absence. We have been busy, if you can imagine that in sleepy Prague, OK. Since Labor Day weekend the weather has been overcast, wet and very bluster as the remains of Gustav swirls into town. It is nice to have 70-80 degree weather in September but everything is soggy!

We had a pilgrim unexpectedly come to the Avatar Meher Baba Heartland Center early this week. We all went out to Baba's "Crash" site (she said she didn't like the word "accident" when it came to Meher Baba!). As everywhere the grass was green and soggy, the state highway guys had just mowed leaving the vase of flowers, a Baba picture and a metal cross in the culvert depression next to the driveway cut. We all sat on the grass and marveled a the "blasts" of silence in between trucks roaring by. Our pilgrim, a meditator who came out from Norman for the day, was just hearing about Meher Baba and she was quite drawn in by the feeling at the site and (it seemed to me) in awe of His spilling His blood here.

It is always such a joy and Baba blessing when He sends someone here!

Love in Him,

AMBHC caretaker

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  1. I agree with the visitor, I don't like to refer to Baba's 'accidents.' Baba does nothing by accident, I'm pretty sure. 'Crash' is a descriptive word that better describes the sudden violence that happened there, don't you think? And of the truck traffic 'crashing' the silence of the pilgrimage site...