Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas in Prague

Hello Everyone! Seasons' Greetings from the Heartland Center in Prague!
Lynn Wilhite invited Miriam and I over for Christmas dinner at her house (see her beautiful table with Baba at the head). We all enjoyed the roast chicken and got stuffed! Miriam fell in love with Lynn's new kitten, Cream Puff, and enjoyed playing with her as Lynn and I worked on getting dinner on the table. In another photo, back at the Center in the Library, take a look at the Christmas spread laid out in "Michael's Corner". Our little Rosemary bush Christmas Tree will get planted outside later. Also, we were excited to find that Santa had brought a new ping pong table to the Burleson House basement on Christmas morning! And it fits!

Surprising to us transplants from Oregon, the day-after-Christmas temperature jumped up to 75 degrees and we enjoyed going out in the balmy wind and planting bulbs by the tree between the carport and the garage. We had been having below-freezing days and nights!

We invite you all to excape to Baba's Center in the Heartland this coming year and relax and refresh at His well-spring of Love.

Best Wishes in Meher Baba's Love,

Ron Lansing and Miriam Rose, Caretakers @AMBHC


  1. I felt inspired to write something about prayer and share it on the blog. Jai Baba, Marilyn Buehler

    Sustained by Prayer

    As humanity passes “through the agonizing travail of spiritual rebirth” as Baba states in the Discourses, it sometimes becomes a challenge to remember and stay connected to our inner essence. In the past few months, I have received correspondence from others in states of despair, lost income, uncertain housing, irreconcilable situations that have left them reaching out to others. It seems Baba is extracting us from our attachment to the material and is directing our focus to Him. I have noted the cries from others were for assistance of physical or financial help. What I have found to be surprising is when I ask a simple question, “Would you like me to pray for you?”, the response is always yes.

    Why pray for another? What good is intercessory prayer, when Baba knows all? This is a question I have pondered over time. As a Baba Lover, my experience with prayer was somewhat limited to the three prayers He gave us. Then, in 2001, I began an internship as an interfaith chaplain at a local medical center. My role was to provide spiritual support to patients and families. When I walked in the patient’s room and introduced myself as the chaplain I would hear heartbreaking stories and some would ask me to pray. Thus began my quest to understand the nature of extemporaneous prayers.

    The first time someone asked me to pray, I was honest in saying that I hadn’t prayed for another before. The woman was very kind, and she asked me to go ahead and try. I held her hands, closed my eyes, and just talked to God, and asked for healing and blessings. When I opened my eyes, we both looked at each other and felt the shift in the room. A presence of grace descended and we both experienced it. Something happened, and she thanked me, and encouraged me to continue in prayer.

    With several years as a volunteer chaplain, I often meet patients who are on numerous healing prayer lists, and have family and friends praying for them. I have heard stories of miracles, unexplained healings. But, always, always I hear that they do feel the prayers, that they indeed feel sustained by prayer. That prayer sometimes meant more than anything the medical staff could provide.

    Praying with others or praying for others either in person or remotely does not have to be about pleading to God for a specific outcome that suits a personal vision. Prayer with and for others is about being together in God’s presence. Prayer for others in the quiet of your own room is about sharing the inner light of God with them. Thoughts are things, and when we become mindful that positive, loving thoughts do indeed send forth a positive form when directed to others, praying for others becomes a sacred gesture and acknowledgement of God’s eternal presence.

    I keep a prayer list and respond to all requests for prayer. After my personal morning practice, I invoke the healing angels to add their energy to mine, and to bless and care for those who have asked for prayers this day. I also pray for those who have transitioned from the physical plane, as I believe the light and love of our prayers do provide light in the inner worlds to those beginning their journey to their next phase of life.

    Praying for others is about remembering and invoking the holy presence of God into our lives. May you be inspired to pray for others when requested. May we sustain each other with loving kindness, in prayer.

  2. Marilyn, Thanks for such a sweet reminder of the Baba energy in all of us! Your note touched me deeply as I told a minute away from the work world of boilers to read the blog. It may be magic, it may be a miracle, but it for sure feels good person to person. Hope to see you in Feb,
    Jai Baba!
    Ron Lansing

  3. Jai Baba! Happy New Meher Year to the Heartland Center!

    Ron and Miriam, what a blessing you are for Baba's Center! You are very welcoming. Baba is very dear to have called you there to Prague.And Lynn Wilhite is such a wonderful ambassasdor of Baba's love.

    Hey, look what Santa brought! A Ping Pong table! I can't wait to come and play.

    We've heard so much about Miriam's cherry pies, that I can almost taste the cherries.

    Thank you for these posts and photos.

    In His love, Debbie Nordeen