Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Falling into the OK Fall!

Well we made it back to Prague! Miriam and I took a trip back to the Northwest for a couple of weeks with the family, friends and to celebrate our 22nd anniversary. We had a little fog, a little rain, some sun and gorgeous mountains! Once back in Oklahoma we’ve had to readjust to life in Baba’s Heartland. Though the grass is starting to turn brown and most of the trees are dropping their leaves it is still 75 degrees during the day and we haven’t had a frost yet. The kids are all back in school and high school football (the Prague Red Devils) is all the rage. The town paper has proclaimed that Halloween (evidently not as hallowed as football) will be celebrated on Thursday night before the Devils’ Friday home game.

Devils and cats. The town of Prague seems to be over run with them! Everyone wearing a school’s red (either the high school or the OU Sooners’). And then there are the cats. Unlike the city, there is no Humane Society here in Prague. Cats are feral and plentiful. It seems that three women in the neighborhood (Miriam included) have formed a “catch-neuter and release team”. One woman from the hospital feeds the wild cats out of an old garage next to the hospital, Miriam is working on the catch a cat part and a third woman is financing the vet bills. So far most of the felines are gray and tabby; no black cats for Halloween.

Exciting news last night. One our Board members is coming for a visit next weekend and with her will be one of the few Baba Lovers in OK coming down from the big city of Tulsa. I suppose that just being back from the NW and our long time friends we are a little lonesome for company this week. If you are going to be in the center of the country around Thanksgiving we are inviting folks to stop in for a T day feast featuring Miriam’s now almost-famous pies.

Well happy fall to you all wherever you may be,

Ron Lansing and Miriam Rose, AMBHC Prague Caretakers


  1. I wanted to take the time to thank you for taking on the job of caretakers. My children and I passed through Prague last spring and had a wonderful visit with Michael and were moved by our visit to the house, hospital, and accident site. We're tentatively planning to come through again in early June next year.

  2. Paul,
    We are enjoying stepping into Michael's shoes. Fall is so beautiful here, lots of changing leaves and pleasant temperatures. We have had a few pilgrims recently and are looking forward to hosting "Pilgrims" for Thanksgiving at the Center.
    If you can come in late May, as you probably remember, 24 May is the anniversary of Meher Baba's accident and the Center Board is considering an open house again this year to celebrate and remember. Hope to meet you, Jai Baba, Ron