Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Home is where the Heart is!

I have attached a picture of the little flower garden out the back door.  Without much rain and with high heat every day I consider these flowers really special.  They continue to pour out blossoms and magnificent color every day.


I thought it might be nice to share some of the goings on here.  We have had a lot of guests.  A steady stream.  One guest spent a little extra time here and did some yard seva (volunteer) for the Center.
We have had some pot luck dinners with Baba lovers from Oklahoma City coming in to greet some of the visitors to the Center.  These have all been great fun.
We will be having Discourses Meetings on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month.  They will begin around 1:30PM.  Arriving earlier is great and we will enjoy a potluck meal together before the reading starts.
The Center has been very busy as guests have flown in or stopped as part of pilgrimage from one coast to another.  I have been blessed to watch an intriguing pattern unfold as Baba does His magic here..........

Guest #1 grew up in Ahmednagar (although came to Baba later).  She was upstairs looking out the window.  She came down and exclaimed.  "This is the most beautiful place, it reminds me of Ahmednager.  It was like this when Baba was still in the body. It looked just like this."

Guest #2 grew up in the midwest.... Illinois I think. She also comes downstairs exclaiming what a beautiful home.  It also reminds her of her childhood home.  The architecture, the staircase all make her feel 'at home'. She loved waking up and running down the stairs.  It reminded her of running down the stairs as a child.I was so amazed.  Baba had made each one feel 'at home' in His home -- for different reasons.!!

Guest #3  was a little different but the theme persisted.  A Baba lover from the Asheville area. He arrived as another guest and I were just sitting down to eat .. so he joined us.  In conversation he mentioned a connection with the Lakota Souix. As we kept talking he told about his connection with a Lakota spiritual teacher.  I asked if he knew a friend I had met 35 yrs ago (when I had spent a year in Oklahoma going to Powwows) that was Lakota.... he said  - that was his teacher!!  Obviously we were all amazed but I couldn't help but see how
Baba had made another of his dear ones feel ‘at home’ here.

Each of these people were entirely surprised and had not expected to feel Baba so strongly here or feel so connected to the Heartland Center; each in his own very personal way.
Jai Jai Baba!


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