Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Rhythm of the Heart

The rhythm of the heart is slower than the rhythm of the mind

This past week, I traveled to Prague for a brief visit at the Heartland Center. My work as mentor, advisor, and student of the Sancta Sophia Seminary in Tahlequah, Oklahoma takes me from California to Oklahoma several times a year. During these trips to Oklahoma, I feel Baba calling me to visit the center, to spend time at the accident site, no matter how brief the visit may be.

My impression is that all connected with Baba are weaving threads of light and love to all we meet through our day. The Heartland Center has more meaning to me more than places to which Baba has been. I resonate deeply with Baba’s message to the west, and it seems that the awakening process in the west brings with it a new way of being and unfolding that has no precedent in previous advents. The western mind and personality unwind in a different way that the eastern mind and personality. The western mind is very active, and in many ways it seems western seekers are searching for someway to calm the mind, to slow down, and to detach from the hectic way of life.

In Prague, one slows down. Nothing is done in a hurry, and life unfolds in a different rhythm. The rhythm of Prague is similar to the rhythm of the heart. During my trip this May the center was full in preparation for the May Open House, so during that visit there was no place for quietude at the Center.

My nature is to regenerate in quietude. The Catholic Church in Prague is a national place of pilgrimage and is a place of quietude. As I drove into Prague after a long week in seminary class and a two ½ hour drive, I needed some quietude. I parked in front of the church and went in. No one was there, so I had the entire sanctuary to my self.

In the small alcove to the left of the church is a statue of Mary and candles below her. I lit a candle in prayer to the Divine Mother that through forgiveness humanity will transform. Then, as I sat in the sanctuary, I felt my exhausted self slowdown and revitalize. I wandered to the alcove at the right of the church and found a rack of CDs. One CD was of talks by Mother Teresa of Calcutta. I took the CD and left a donation.

I, then, headed to the Center to have dinner with friends and visit. Later, Lynn Wilhite and I drove to the accident site. It was a sacred evening, the twilight blue sky, fireflies sparking on and off, and the ever present mystery of Baba’s work where His Body lied shedding His Blood on the earth. There was nothing to do but, quietly bow and place my head and on the earth where the Beloved lay some years ago.

The next morning, Lynn and I made another trip to the accident site and recited Baba’s prayers. A brief visit, but I felt a sense of fulfilling the purpose for my visit. I am mindful of all the connections in my life. The visit to Prague is like passing through the eye of the needle. Baba is the needle and thread, Prague the eye of the needle, and my life the golden thread that weaves his light in His unknown ways as he pierces the veils with love.

Later that morning, I talked to Miriam about spending some time in Baba’s room at the Prague Clinic. She called but an ambulance was coming, so it was not a good time to visit. As several of us sat out in the Burleson House yard drinking tea, an ambulance silently drove by. I thought to myself, this is a time when at home I’m paged to the Emergency Department when I work as a hospital chaplain..

We visited for about an hour, and then Miriam called the clinic again. Now, it was fine to visit. We walked to the clinic, and as Miriam unlocked the door, she asked if I would like to be in the room alone. I’ve been in the room many times, but I couldn’t recall being in there alone, so I said, “Yes.” As I enter I’m greeted by Baba’s photo on the wall, and then stood in silence. Baba’s presence was in the room as I had never felt before. Baba’s presence was thick and palpable; I was stunned. His Silence is Silent, and His Eternity is Eternal, and the veils seem to lift. A few moments later, whatever reason Baba had called me to the room, was complete.

I feel deeply connected to the Heartland Center and ponder Baba’s work there. To use a phrase from one of Bhau’s books, in Prague, It seems Baba “scored the door.” I sense, somehow he rent the veils, and in time the little tear will grow larger and larger and more and more of Baba’s Love and Light will radiate out from Prague. It is a place of deep anchoring of Baba’s work. Time will tell.

Later that day, I later listened to the CD with the talk of Mother Teresa. She said, “Our vocation is to love and to be loved.” I often wonder “What is my vocation? Where do I serve Baba in this world?” Mother Teresa’s words resonated deeply in my heart, as her words so purely reminded me of Baba’s words and answered my question about a personal vocation. It is so simple. We are to love and be loved, and listen to and be guided by the Baba’s rhythm in the heart.

Submitted by Marilyn Buehler

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