Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year everyone! Anyone know where we can find Elizabeth's car that Meher Baba was riding in before the 1952 accident? It was a 1951 Nash Statesman like this one. Mark Trapanese in Wichita, as some others before him, has recently been looking for news of the car. He reports that calling junk yards around Prague has not worked and he has had the thought that with the VIN he could track it down through the Nash Club if it has been saved. Mark has had another thought; "let's get one like it!"

So keep you eyes open and let us know what you find out. You can reach me at my personal email address:

The snow is finally melting after the big blizzard of '09 and we are basking in the sunshine of Baba's Love and... the warmth of the Oklahoma sun once again. Only slight freeze damage on a drain trap in the M house and January is looking good again.

Just got news from the road that a pilgrim couple are on there way across country to Ashville, NC (which seems to be a BL magnet these days!) We are looking forward with open arms for their arrival tomorrow as Meher Baba always sends such wonderful folks here!

Give us a shout with your new from around the world,
In Beloved Meher Baba's Heartland,



  1. Jai Baba! I'm no longer in Wichita and am back in Portland, Oregon. With the move and my new job I have not focused much on finding Baba's car. Now that the dust has settled it's time to start the search again!

    Mark Trapanese

  2. I know that money is short and that there are many other priorities for the center at the moment, but it is an interesting idea that perhaps someday in the future the center could have a replica of the car so that people can have an image of the chariot that took Baba to his crucifixion.
    Much Love in Him,