Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sweet Words of Encouragement from Bhau Kalchuri

Email from Bhau to Debbie and Peter Nordeen ("Daughter D." and "Air Compressor") about the Heartland Center
Debbie has just passed on this email that she and Peter received recently from Bhau Kalchuri, one of Meher Baba's last living men Mandali (close followers). It was slightly edited for personal content. Enjoy!

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!

My dearest Daughter D. and Air Compressor,

The magazine “Heartbeat,” that you sent is really very, very, beautiful. The pictures are so beautiful and all the contents in the magazine are very heart- touching. I find that you are doing such a work which will be well-preserved by His lovers and you will see: Heartland Center will become famous all over the world.

We are also trying to develop the site of the accident here in India. It was also horrible, but we cannot do anything because of the strict rules of the road and also it requires a lot of money. We also want to develop Mandla, but we could not do anything because money is not there. But now we have courage that Beloved Baba will see that it is all done and these places will become famous for His lovers to go there and to bow down.

They will be coming for Meherabad and Meherazad and when all these places are there also, they will come to know about these places. They will be going here and there and bowing down wholeheartedly and lovingly to serve His cause.

A great change will take place, and your work will be appreciated by all who love Baba. [...] So there is no question - everyone will take part in development. [...]

I feel as if I should bow down to the love of all those who are working in the Heartland Center, to you dear Daughter D. and Air compressor, my dear Sister Queen of Forest Garden [Jeanne Felknor], Miriam Rose and Ron Lansing, dear Saint John Poag, Jim Watson, Michael Ivey, Julia Margaret, Michael and Kathrin Burleson, Angela Lee Chen, Leah Johnston, Cliff Hackford, and all who have come to work and serve there. Their work is really most appreciated.

I bow down to all those, who go to Heartland Center, to see their love. After the opening of Myrtle Beach Center, Beloved Baba was passing through Prague, Oklahoma and the accident took place. Elizabeth was injured and also Mehera and Baba and they shed their blood there. What work Baba must have done there while shedding His blood!

I liked my Dr. Burleson and that their children would come to Baba, particularly Julia Margaret and Michael. Even in that state of His health while lying down in the bed in their hospital, Baba would play with them while in bed, and give them chocolate every day. Though they did not know who He was they would come everyday, very regular, and go to Baba direct.

Afterwards, on every Christmas Dr. Burleson would send Christmas greeting to Baba for years, and he stopped when he passed away. Christmas greeting to Baba he would send - very, very, sweet.[...]

With all love and Jai Baba to you, my dearest Daughter D. and Air Compressor and all dear ones there. [...]
From this year I stopped visiting the West and the East, and I just sit on the chair dictating, dictating so many things.

With all love and Jai Baba to you my Daughter D. and Air Compressor,

In His Love and Service,


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