Sunday, March 1, 2009

Springing into March

Good Day March!
It may not be quite the first day of spring but the first day of March has dawned bright and sunny here in the Heartland, though below freezing again! This week we saw the daffodils start to bloom and trees budding in 70- 80 degree sun shine but the old North wind has blown in again for a few days.

Miriam and I are looking forward to the annual commemoration of Meher Baba's car accident in May. There will be a tea and day of activities on Saturday, May 23, here at the Heartland Center in Prague, America. Last year, I am told, there were 30 plus people who came. If you would like to come and need local travel and lodging information you can drop us a line or give us a call ( 405-567-4774).

I went up to Osage Forest of Peace (near Tulsa) yesterday to hear Marilyn Buehler give a Baba talk to the folks who hang out there. The talk was well received and Marilyn did a wonderful job of presenting Baba to this group of Christian-based spiritual seekers. Osage used to be a Benedictine monastery until a year ago and has been transformed to a more eclectic spiritual retreat center. It is a beautiful wooded spot on a hill (yes, Virginia, there are hills in Oklahoma!) with little cabins like at Baba's Meher Center.

Also, for anyone looking for a Spring Break retreat, we have rooms available and this is a very pleasant time to visit OK. We put fresh flowers out at the accident site recently and sitting in the grass next to where Baba so profusely bled and suffered moved me deeply; reminding me why I moved here.

Over at the hospital things continue as usual though we hear that the operating group has been bought by a company that will be building a new hospital on the edge of Prague. The newspaper says that ground-breaking will begin soon. The City of Prague owns the old hospital building. We are keeping an eye on progress of things.

Drop us a note here on the comments if you want, I plan to start watching this blog more regular like.

Love In Him,



  1. Glad to have found your blog......via the email announcement of the upcoming May 23rd retreat. I love knowing whats going on at the Heartland Center, even though I rarely (twice only so far) get to visit.

    Jay M.

  2. Jay,
    Thanks for the note. Some times there is almost nothing going on hera and then then someone comes.. It is really special to have pilgrims.
    Caretaking in Him,